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Does Cambodia use chopsticks

We don’t used chopsticks in Cambodia for Khmer food.

How to use fork & spoon in Cambodia:

Cambodia has had the fork since the latter half of the 19th century.
The interesting is that we don’t put the fork in our mouth, we used it to put the food on the spoon, Which then goes into our mouth.

How Cambodian use chopsticks:

Cambodians generally eat with a spoon and fork, unless there’s a bowl of soup in front of them, in which case it’s a spoon and chopsticks. For soup, use chopsticks to pick out the meat and noodles and the spoon for liquid elements.

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About Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is often referred to by lazy travel writers as a “study in contradictions.” And as so often in this beautiful country, the lazy way works just fine. Cambodia is indeed filled with great contrasts, between rich and poor, countryside and city, beauty and squalor, friendliness and rudeness, heat and…well, wet heat. But those who get to know the country will likely find that taken all together, the contradictions of Cambodia add up to something uniquely wonderful.


Cambodia is in fact known as the Kingdom of Wonder and attracts more than two million international visitors each year. As more and more Westerners discover Cambodia as a great place to visit, not a few have found that it’s also a great place to live and work. The country’s thriving expat community attests to the many attractions Cambodia holds for ambitious professionals, creative types, and lotus-eating beachcombers.

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