Donate Tour Operator

I have been in the tour business for 5 years and have been blessed with the opportunity to share my passion for culture, and in particular, Siem Reap countryside & city with folks from all around the world.  Like many of us, I never anticipated how COVID-19 would impact my small business.

Especially to those who know me, or have received a memorable experience on one of my tours, to donate what you can to help me get through this challenging time.  Any support is greatly appreciated, even if all you can do is share with a friend, or donate a few dollars.  Your donations today will help with basic business expenses so I can stay open and be there for folks when people are ready to travel again and the Cambodia tourism re-open.

Helping me as a tour operator business that has been closed by the COVID-19 outbreak. The beginning of March 16, 2020.  Prior to this proclamation, my small business was already receiving cancellations for upcoming tours.  Cancellations are continuing due to the uncertainty of travel and the stay home.

Like many small business owners, I remain hopeful that this too shall pass and we will be open for business once again.  The natural world is offering relief and helping people remain calm and hopeful.  I cannot wait to hear the ooooh’s and awes of my guests once again.

A large virtual hug to you all!  Stay healthy, see you again when the time is right to travel again and enjoy the great outdoors when you can!!