My Life Story

My name’s Johm I’m 25 years old, I have never known my father, And I didn’t get to see my mother often too. My mother left home when I was young, just a toddler, and worked at a different town, and one day she got HIV AIDS by vaccination injection used the same syringe with others. When I was nine years old, I heard my mother had died. Because of poverty, I didn’t have a chance to attend my mom’s funeral and see her face for the last time at all. I lived with my grandparents. Soon they too died. Then I lived on my own in the house for a while; alone at 12 years. Then, my uncle was took me to live with him at Battambang province with his wife’s family side. They’re hoping me to help them to work in the farm every day growing corns, bean, clearing land, and during not harvest time I have to look after seven cows around Battambang’s mount nearby the land field. Every single morning when I walked the cows to the field I saw other kids the same my age are wearing school uniform going to school, I’m cried and wish that someday I could attend school just like them. One day I was so exhausted from everyday works and I can’t tell my uncle that I couldn’t be working today, I stayed home and looking after the cows instead without anyone told me to do so, then my uncle’s wife’s family came to me and told me to go to the new farm to clearing land by cut the trees. I tried to explain, but still, they seem doesn’t care they said they gonna tell my uncle that I’m lazy, I’m scared!. After a few hours sat down and thinking. I was decided to leave this family to go back where I’m from. I walked 13km to the market to catch a taxi to the main city and catch another taxi to Phnom Penh, but what can I do because I have no money! then I have begged the taximen for a free ride then he let me go with him, but with a condition, I have to help taximen to find more traveler to travel with him, And I did, Unfortunately, the van fully, but the roof is available! I have to sit on the roof that was too windy, but I’m alive. When I’ve arrived I was so excited because I got back to my house. After I got off from the van’s roof was shocked me I walked closer so I can my home better. When I got there, things looked different. Trees had been cut down, and there was a lot of strange stuff all around. I asked my neighbor what had happened to the house then I found out that my uncle has sold the house to a stranger. I felt anger in my chest because now I had nothing. I became a homeless boy at the age of 13 years old. I left my home town and I went back to Phnom Penh to work in doing manual labor for builders. I did not know how to read or write people cheated me I never get fully paid from my hard work. Until the age of 15 years old, my other younger uncle his name’s Horn, he is a kindes uncle I ever have. He came to pick me up to another city called Preah Vihear to get to work with him as construction labor again, but at least I’m him he was taking very good care of me. He has a godmother in this town. My life gets a little bit better, then that was reminded me of the school. I really want to start school. I asked my uncle if I can attend school, He said yes, but I got to leave to work at another town and left me with his godmother. After my uncle left I just realized that she doesn’t like me. She was telling me that I’m too late to study she said I’m already  14 that’s impossible to start sho you don’t have any basic you don’t know how to write and read. I was disappointed, but I didn’t give up the school haven’t started until 3 months. I started first to learned how to read by asked people to help then I learned how to write a very basic. Time Fly the school day is coming. I went to meet the principle on my own, And I told him all about my life his heart became soft. He asked me what’s grade are you want to get in? I said grade 9th, please! because I’m already 14 years old, then he allowed me to get into grade 9th, but he needs my birth certificate, I was so sad because I have no idea about my identity, my parents, died since I was little and no one cares about me. A few days later I met a lady she came to town for a meeting since she is a head-person in her commune she said she could help me to create a new birth certificate.

 Then can I entered the 9th grade, I was so behind that I had to teach myself more, but nothing happier than I could wear a school uniform. After a month in class my, a monthly exam came  I’m so excited and fear, because every new for me after the exam my teacher handout the result score to all my classmate accepted me. My teacher asked me to stand up then show my paper to my classmate and laugh at me and said my writing so bad. she can’t even give me a zero. This is the worse day ever in my life.    

gone to school and eventually was able to graduate.

At 19 on the streets of Siem Reap, I had no money and nowhere to go. At the first night, I slept on the streets. It got colder than usual that night, and I stood under a light-bulb for heat and tried to sleep standing. When finally I went to lie on a bench, I imagined the perfect room that perhaps one day I would sleep in. “I was so hungry. I prayed and asked if this is what my life was going to be like. I thought maybe I would die. Next morning I woke up and found 5 American dollars. I could eat for one week. I bought a loaf of bread and cheap water. “The next evening, I met some rough speaking, smoking, drinking boys. I was a little afraid. They asked me some questions. Then he said, “Stay with us.” So I did!! “What’s impressive is, I didn’t have to be in their gang. “The drinking boys helped me get a job in a restaurant because I was able to speak a little English. At this restaurant I met Sarah she’s from New Zeeland she’s an amazing woman, and she’s full of God’s she considers my aunt and brought me to know an Australian woman who became a spiritual mum to me.

“Then she became a mentor and spiritual mum. She toughs me a lot of stuff I love every her single way. She gave me a very nice room to stay,” the room is “Just like my dream when I was thought in the street. “Val took me grocery shopping on her motorbike “just like a real mum to me. I remember when she hugged me to me it was the first time in my life, and I have no idea how to respond, I felt I’m just like a tree.” Then she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away during a brief trip to Australia. “She was 61. “I didn’t cry, but I felt so sad inside. “. All this sadness pushed into such a young life, then I got a job and found my place to live. “To continue…”)

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, who will never leave you

John 14:16