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Cheap Reservations Without The Hassle

Plan your vacations on off seasons, Hotel rates, even airline and car rental rates are lower during this time due to lower demand. You can get as much as a 50% discount if you book a room during the low season, so try and call the hotel if they have low season discounts and ask them when the discounts will be effective.

Some hotels give discounts to certain people like students, military contingents, Senior citizens, honeymooners, etc. Ask for these discounts and what their details, you can save a lot with these.

Ask if your kids can stay for free, if you’re with your family, sometimes hotels can allow up to two kids for a two-bedroom provided that the kids are within the age limit.

If you’re not very particular with hotel locations, you can access name-your-price websites for car rentals and hotel reservations. They’ll do the haggling for you and you sure not go over-budget.

Some hotels and even car rental companies, give “free days” if you use their services for more than a week. Ask about these certain perks if you’re planning a long stay.

Make sure that the room fees are the only ones you’re paying for. Some hotels have surcharges and extra fees that aren’t mentioned in room rates and then suddenly pop-up on check-out. Before you reserve, ask about these, and if upon check-out you suddenly find yourself with fees that you didn’t know about, refuse to pay it.

You can also exchange frequent Flier miles for hotel lodgings so if you have an expiring miles card or a miles card that you’d just want to get rid of, ask the hotel if they honour these exchanges.

Good News

Sometimes, hotels provide free airport pick-up you can use this as a bargaining tool. Ask for a free pickup when haggling so you’ll get something extra even if you pay the full price.

If you’re planning to travel during peak season, always call in advance, rates tend to get higher as the season approaches.

Sometimes, weekend rates are lower than regular fees, or vice versa, ask your agent or ask the hotel yourself if they have these, then you can schedule your trip during these times and be able to avail of the discount.

Always ask for a confirmation number when you reserve a room so that they can’t say that they didn’t receive your reservation.

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About Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is often referred to by lazy travel writers as a “study in contradictions.” And as so often in this beautiful country, the lazy way works just fine. Cambodia is indeed filled with great contrasts, between rich and poor, countryside and city, beauty and squalor, friendliness and rudeness, heat and…well, wet heat. But those who get to know the country will likely find that taken all together, the contradictions of Cambodia add up to something uniquely wonderful.


Cambodia is in fact known as the Kingdom of Wonder and attracts more than two million international visitors each year. As more and more Westerners discover Cambodia as a great place to visit, not a few have found that it’s also a great place to live and work. The country’s thriving expat community attests to the many attractions Cambodia holds for ambitious professionals, creative types, and lotus-eating beachcombers.

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